Find Your Family Camping

According to a recent article by Halli Stretton, writer in the area of tourism Nova Scotia tourism should be relaxing and enjoyable. He said something interesting as he pointed out that a holiday in a RV would probably be the best choice too.

This sparked a brilliant thought about what sort of people might enjoy such a vacation. Family vacations seem to be improving, thanks to the growing economy, but aren’t as popular as might be expected.

According to one survey, family vacations in motor homes or RVs were done by 27% of Americans in 2006. This followed a 5% gain in the number of RV-owning households in the prior year.

Canadiens, on the other hand, showed the strongest gain in popularity. According to Marketingweek magazine,Canadiens garnered 18% more camping spending than the national average.

Putting vacations in perspective, the magazine writer noted that a family of four spending a week on a campground in a tent would cost about one quarter of a mile for gas. Or, if choosing a campground in a motor home, the rates are about one mile for gas and about $900 per night.

Northwestern educators are not as fortunate as others to have access to free or inexpensive camping opportunities. Fortunately, the region offers a wide variety of opportunities for learning camping skills.

Sportsmen and Outdoor enthusiasts, especially hunters, are taken advantage of these opportunities as are RV owners who often emphasize educational rather than recreational experiences in their campers.

Normandy, Kentucky is amemory where former highways and land routes are now ghost towns which once housed working farms. These ghost towns are now home to retirees, those looking to live out in their RV year-round and those who simply love the old style of camping.

Throughout Kentucky there are dozens of chances to camp ranging from dry camping in nearby public lands to experiencing what camping has to offer in someone’s backyard.

In central Kentucky there are three different methods of camping: preserved creeks, on-road or off-road, and high end and low end RV campsites.

On-road camper

Essentially this involves setting up your RV in a designated campground and taking a few trips before getting to fully self-contained camping. This includes having the right to tow the RV, able to make reservations, stop for meals and set up the camper at your camp site.

Most on-road camper adventures start in persons such as Frankfort andreys picnic spot or Yellowstone park. These places offering beautiful scenery and wonderful picnic sites.

Off-road camper

The on-road part of RV camping means driving the RV not so much as the traditional camping, but as maneuvers your RV is equipped with different kinds of motors, checked tire, air conditioner, and generator. This means that you can have a relaxing vacation without having to make too many stops at the many theme parks throughout the area.

You will have to decide if you want to camp at a place such as a national park or an undeveloped site and what facilities and activities you want to participate in. Reviews on the Bellhouse campgrounds in Marysville, Kentucky give good details on these activities and the facilities available.

4th wheel camper

Most turn-key RVs, including the Motorhome have bathrooms, showers, kitchens, living areas and bedrooms. Make no mistake though, very few RV parks provide full hook ups for such activities as television, and yet even here the quality of the 4th wheel camper is high.

These parks offer access for such things as fishing, swimming, Mojave desert, golfing, hiking, horseback riding,rolley, Moreau Lake, scenic tours, special events, rain dances, and garage sales.

You can find these places as far east as Nevada and as far west as Arizona. The attractions to these places include lakes, mountains, deserts and casinos. Many RV parks are close to these places and in fact many of them are incorporated into the area.)

An RV is a home away from home. You can personalize the camper as you see fit, right down to the last nail. You can do this on the catch and release fishing of an Alaska salmon. You can bring a flag at the ramp or a lanyard to wear around your neck. You can fish, hike, bike or mountain bike and then head to the park.

To fish on a stream is so much more exciting than fishing in the backyard. At the least exciting time to fish is when it is full with bigeye trevallies, suns, browns and black and the action continues through the day.

An RV park has many amenities of a city the overlooks so you can pull in for an afternoon, leave your rig there and jump into the nearest hotel for the evening.